What do you mean?

Life can get frustrating without a deeper meaning. Some people aren’t even aware of it, some are not ready. Some will never think about meaning to start with. Sometimes it’s just not the time but when people can’t find a deeper meaning in their lives they distract themselves with pleasure.
I can enjoy the pleasures, hell I’ve indulged myself in the pleasures of life but I always came back to the middle. At a certain point you will get enough of behaviour by default. You will circle back. Sarah Snap

Coming back to the middle means you will have time to look back and reflect. — it was chaotic at times, detours, heartbreak but sometimes the bliss was so elevated that my heart could hardly hold it. It never went according to plan. It wasn’t calm either but oh boy did I learn. —
And those are the parts where you find out who you are and you will see that every next level of your life will demand another version of you.

You will have periods of intense pleasure, coming back, stillness, steady, coming back, intensity, pleasures, coming back, highs, lows, coming back. Like mountains winds and ocean waves. These are cycles of growth even if it doesn’t look like it and it sure doesn’t feel like it. When you have the ability to see beyond things as they are. You are building character. How do you know what good is without knowing the bad, or being courageous without knowing fear.

When we talk about a deeper meaning in our lives is what I believe knowing yourself. Your value is who you are. On a daily basis when you know yourself in the background you can deal with a lot of crap in the foreground of your life. Stillness can take you there and pleasures will take you there too. Just different roads to travel on.

All of your so-called faults, all the things which you don’t like about yourself are your greatest assets. Because you aren’t using these assets they are over amplified, the volume has turned up a bit too much. Turn the volume down and you will have different results.
The over amplified assets is our fire not identified yet, it can be creative, sexual, intellectual but the fire has to come out at one point, if not it will find a way to implode.
Good intentions are not enough, you can’t be lazy or go back to sleep, willingness is everything. The willingness to see things differently.

So stretch. Stretch more than you can reach and this requires curiosity about the world and yourself and the desire to go beyond your own limitations of your present knowledge and experience.
Find the liar in your life. It takes a lot of energy to be a personality, it takes no energy to be yourself. Power struggles totally depend on the energy of the other instead of our own. The deep rooted fear and insecurity that we are not good enough comes from not knowing that we are. Not knowing who we are. And we are always more. More than you think you are.

I will come back to where I always circle back to. Love.
A meaningful life is not a popularity contest. You can’t really go for the greatest level of meaningful success in your life if you are tight to applause. Some of your greatest personal success will be your failures and heartbreak, and some of what you thought was a success was in the end a failure.
Love provides us the ability to discern the meaning of things that lies beyond facts alone. It’s the intuitive knowledge of our hearts.
It doesn’t mean we give up power.
Love is how we reclaim it.


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