This is what you came for

Sarah Mable

Love isn’t always a love story. It can be part of our everyday.

It can be running your finger along a sign that says ‘do not touch’.
Falling for someone because of what they can create. Dancing with a stranger at a wedding. Wearing blue jeans to black tie.
Losing things because your mind is on big ideas.
Enjoying where you are, this moment. Flirt. Living with mystery.

Using your powerful imagination to bring the sublime to the mundane.
Seeing poetry in a chance meeting.
Believing in love at first site, serendipity, magic and the force of nature. Feeling the vibe. Taking the time for sentiment.
Walking to the edge of your desire. Giving in to temptation.
Looking someone in the eyes and thinking, mine.

Sarah Mable

It can be walking different paths so the whole world can be explored.
Burning your name in every moment you touch.
Having oysters for breakfast. Swimming at sunrise. Staying one more night and unpack.
Seeking elegance rather than luxury. Feeling wealthy, instead of rich.

Devotion. Intimacy. Connection. Not skin.
Getting knocked out to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.
Embracing uncertainty, feeling the vulnerability. Honesty is maturity.
Write. Seeing the beauty of a storm when you have no umbrella.

Discovering that success means freedom not confinement.
That love is both feeling and an action. Like light is a particle and a wave.
Risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams and the adventure of being alive.
Dance with wildness.
Declaring your love to someone you can’t stop thinking about for one day.

Love through the common.
Because this is what you came for.

And everybody’s watching her,
but she’s looking at You,



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