Praise the love. Hallelujah!

For about a decade I’ve worked with Sarah Mable. In those days she held a position as a project manager in the music industry in the non-profit sector. Sarah always showed great human skills and knew exactly how to inspire others, which comes out very handy in her current job as a life coach. Sarah’s main asset in the music field was her ability to recognise new talents and nurture them like a queen bee. Female artists in the Netherlands like Giovanca and Sabrina Starke – household names now – have both been championed in their premature stages by early adaptor Sarah Mable. The album The Mighty 8, released in the Unsigned series by now defunct Music Centre The Netherlands in 2007, marked Sarah’s finest moment as a music professional. In 2010 Sarah embarked on a new career outside of the music industry. When she left, I dearly missed her good company at work, also on another level, as she’s one of the few women who understands the whole machinery behind professional bike racing. Following the Tour The France with Sarah on your side is an experience nobody should deny. Sarah is a great person to work with. She’s a very generous and loveable personality. For that reason I’ve stayed in touch with her.
Robbert Tilli, coach, project manager, journalist, moderator
Former colleague at Music Centre The Netherlands

Ik ben dol op Sarah!
Stacey Rookhuizen,
Former colleague at Music Centre The Netherlands

Hoe ik het samenwerken met Sarah heb ervaren kan ik kort en krachtig samenvatten: Betrokken, invoelend, meelevend (zonder medelijden!), nuchter, helder, eerlijk, zonder vooroordelen, warm en origineel.
Morene Dekker,
Former fellow student at the Academy for Holistic Coaching

To describe what it meant for me to work with Sarah as a coach would be like trying to describe a sunrise, a flight of birds in a blue sky, sunlight tickling your nose on a summer’s day, a pebble washing on the beach….it’s difficult to put into words, but I’m going to try. Her coaching sessions helped me to find things within myself that I knew were there, but had kept wrapped up in a layer of cling-film for future use: Sarah steered me softly in the right direction to find those neat little cling-film packages, unwrap them and put their contents to use. I was the driving force, but she was the catalyst. It’s been quite the journey, every step as valuable as the next, every gulp of water more refreshing and every meeting more clarifying, until I reached the goal I set myself at the beginning of our cooperation. And I’m still continuing to grow.
I’m extremely thankful for our sessions and look upon Sarah with great fondness, she will always have a special place in my heart and I hope we will be able to be in touch till we’re both old and grey!
Coachee at Sarah Mable Coaching

Sarah is sensibel en voelt heel goed de onderstroom bij mensen aan.
Ze deelt, geeft graag en is bereid te ontvangen.
Vrolijk en vol enthousiasme pakt zij nieuwe uitdagingen op haar pad aan. Op haar manier en op haar tijd.
Loes Wagemaker, Plannenbureau
Former colleague at the Special FX project
from The Dutch Rock & Pop Institute

Sarah makes me smile. She is smart, sincere and hungry for knowledge. Always asks the right questions. Shows the real you. Makes you laugh, cry and truly inspires you.Together we push our boundaries, pursue our passions and live from the heart. Mindfulness-Heartfulness-Happinez-Connected for Life.
With love,
Monique Hopmans, coach at Lilacare and Youturn 
Former fellow student at the Academy for Holistic Coaching

As reliable as desirable
as witty as pretty
and pure for sure.

As caring as daring
as amen as Zen
and walks the walk
and talks the talk

Oh Sarah que sera
as able as Mable
a bright light among us
as tough as concrete
as sweet as complete.

You’re a glow in the dark
where Jah comes and takes us
up the skies and beyond.
Ro Krom, artist

Life. Be fit for it. Soms heb ik wat mental homework te doen… Sarah is voor mij (als vriendin) een geweldige sparringspartner om de diepte in te duiken over menselijke drijfveren, motivaties en ideeën. Je voelt in alles dat het Saar’s passie is om je werkelijk vooruit te brengen. Dankzij haar persoonlijkheid, opleiding en de boekenkast in haar hoofd (Saar is belezen), komen er uit onze gesprekken altijd mooie inzichten voort. Thanks Saar! Love, Ellen
Ellen Bokkinga, Conceptontwikkelaar & Consultant The New Verbalizers

Sarah is iemand met een zeldzaam oprechte interesse in mensen. Met haar communiceren is altijd heel prettig, omdat ze je echt ziet. Daarbij heeft ze een hele warme persoonlijkheid met veel humor, ik werk al twee jaar met heel veel plezier met haar samen en hoop dat nog langer te mogen doen.
Maaike Luth, Management Assistent STAIJ
Colleague at STAIJ


Praise my loves!
Rosa & Ro, Moe & Lotje
My mentor/teacher José. Showed me.. supported me all-the-way.
Robert de Jong  designer, he just got it and made my beautiful id.
Jarl Schulp WordPress. Help!
Isabel Nabuurs ,Roland Kooiman & Joost Molenaar they saw the real me and made images.
Lotje, Ellen, Frouwine, Tess, Petra, Lieselotte my girls. Only love.
My heroes and everyone who inspired me to do good and be betterrr.

My ♥ will rain on you..