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    In a gentle way, you can shake the world. -Ghandi

I do this work because I have a natural impulse for deep listening, connecting, teaching and inspiring creative self-expression. We’re all looking for things that gives us clarity, finding our way in life so we can discover our authentic powers.

Change. The kind that leads to self-expression, transformation and love.
That one is within you but it’s a choice. You have to be awake and then anything is possible. Everything you desire for yourself, for your life, is possible. Wanting change is often easy; creating it, is a different story.
My craft is to help you get better and make powerful conscious choices into day to day life so that everything you desire will also be received.


You change for two reasons: Either you learn enough that you want to, or you’ve been hurt enough that you have to. -Anon


  • Generating awareness about meaning, purpose and choice.
  • Uncovering and removing blocks that keep you from achieving whatever it is you are seeking to have, to be.
  • Experience shifts in thinking by discovering authentic powers.
  • Releasing unhealthy patterns & building self-esteem.
  • Cultivating fulfilling relationships.

I offer Life Coaching to support you in gaining greater awareness about yourself. Single sessions can be booked. I provide anyone interested in coaching a free 30-minute consultation to explore our working together.

I coach via Skype. Skype allows us to work together no matter where you happen to live and saves you time, stress and money. If you are interested, contact me here.


  • Intake max. 30 minutes: free
  • Life Coaching session max. 90 minutes: 75 Euro (special introductory offer 55 Euro)