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Sarah Mable Becoming Bond 2


I had never heard of George Lazenby when I saw, a couple of days ago, the last ten minutes of the documentary Becoming Bond. My friend was watching it and I stopped by for some catching up and was immediately captivated by what this man was saying.

George Lazenby is best known for being the second actor to portray James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. He was at the time 29 years old. This was the only Bond film he appeared in so that’s why not a lot of people remember him. The documentary is about recounting his life story.

He told the interviewer in the end that he had done everything in his life and had no regrets. He never could have imagined when he was younger that one day he would play Bond. James Bond. He was always someone open for anything, grabbing life in each moment, and this role came on his path. He had been a model, an actor, a used car salesman, a real estate investor, he raced motorcycles, was married twice, has children. He had highs and lows but overall looking back a life will lived.
Sarah Mable Becoming Bond 2

The interviewer asked him, ‘What do you hope people remember about your life.’ He paused and then he said,
‘I would like them to know that you can defy what is expected of you. Choose your own path.’

To defy what is expected of you. To stand strong and follow the path you want to follow instead of what is expected of you.
Let’s get real, it’s incredibly hard to not have expectations. Expectations feed frustration. Simple things become really complicated when you expect too much. The root of a lot of misery and pain. It’s an unhealthy attachment to people, things and outcome we wish we could control, but we don’t. We really don’t, but most of the times we try. People who are attached to the results of action cannot really enjoy what they do. Thus, not so great.

Too many expectations and fear block fulfilment. Inner fulfilment is what we are looking for. When you let go of expectation, when you let go of what you think you want or should get, there will be space in your life for your desires to arrive. You can ease up on yourself, without shrinking your dreams. The cosmos deals in currency of emotion. When we feel good, good is what we get. Feeling good increases your flexibility and make you sexy as F. Because strong is beautiful. Resilient is gorgeous and authenticity is magnetic.

If you lead the lives other people are expecting of you we will never fulfil your own potential. When you start to fulfil your own dreams and goals you will become less interested in what other people are saying or doing. And people will do and say a lot of things they will have a clear idea on how you should lead your life, but most of the time no idea about his of her own.

On top of that most people conscious or unconscious put you in a box because of the way you think, dress or look. Because of the family you come from, your religion, your talent or the position you have in life. They will have a name for it.
Ahh you are a hipster, you are a spiritual seeker, you are a stay-at-home mom, you are a Christen, you are married,  you are divorced, a CEO, a DJ, a sales guy, you are a snob, you are a PT, PA, you are gay, you are black, you are white.

But one day you will name yourself,
and that name will belong to you.



I’m Bond. James Bond.



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